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godmodding; ooc

Character Basics

Name: Anna
Canon: Frozen (Film)
Exit: Anna comes from the end of the movie
Stuck?: Yes


Time Zone: EST
Availability: Weekends, mostly. Slow during the week.
Slowtagging: Absolutely fine!
Open to: Anything, honestly! Especially backstory with Elsa or some of the AU doors.
Canon-puncturing: Not at the moment.
Offensive subjects: Perfectly fine
Powers: Feel free to use anything on Anna but her sister is a pretty powerful cryokinetic so...


General warnings: Not that I know of!

Romantic interaction: Anna is pretty open. She's very naive and very in love with the idea of love so she can easily get her heart broken if not careful. She has an ambiguous thing with Kristoff back home but is more or less single.

Violence: You can injure Anna, sure, but Elsa might not be pleased about that and she can summon violent snow monsters and spikes of ice, soooo.


For anyone: Anna is very bright, very bubbly and has more than likely said hi to your character at least once. You know who she is, she's basically an unstoppable force.

Special permissions: Elsa can godmod Anna at any time.